Customer Reviews

I have never had a better experience at a dental office, period. I was tremendously skeptical and "jaded" per se, after having another office root canal the wrong tooth a couple years ago, and had put off getting anymore work done for another year...obviously not a good pain got increasingly severe until last month I couldn't wait another day to find a new dentist. I had noticed Dr. Ricafort's office several times while driving in Murfreesboro.   From the minute I walked into the clean, modern and inviting office, I was greatly impressed. The front office staff was super professional and efficient, as well as empathetic regarding my situation. Doctor Ricafort and his assistant showed me honest concern and treated me with courtesy and respect during my initial appointment, I felt at ease as his expertise and competence were evident instantly. My issue was addressed that day, and I came back for a complete evaluation and treatment plan to proceed with. I will be going to Dr. Ricafort as long as I live in the mid-state!

Sarah Y.

Murfreesboro, TN

This is the best dental experience I've ever had! Dr. Ricafort and his staff are kind and make sure I know what is going on during my visit. I've never waited a long amount of time for my visits. He was also able to take care of a quick fix for a problem that another dentist in town told me I would need $500 worth of work for. His office is efficient and ethical and I highly recommend!

Katelyn D.

Dr. Ricafort and the whole team at Ricafort Dental are great. He's been my dentist for several years now. On one of my first visits I had a root canal and I never even felt the needle - I've always remembered that. Highly recommended.

Danny Z.

If you are looking for a great dentist in Murfreesboro, go to Ricafort Dental on Memorial. They take real great care of you! I am so impressed with the knowledge, professionalism, customer care, and overall performance of this place. From the receptionist to Doctor Ricafort, you will get the best care in Murfreesboro. I actually don't mind going to the dentist now that I found this place!

Catherine S.